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Mandarin Political Talks @ Changi Airport T2 Killiney Coffee

There is no script nor any preparations for this recording. I was merely sending off Mr. Arthero Lim to his flight which happened to be delayed by 1hr. I recorded our conversation with mutual consent to be placed on YouTube.Com and our blogs. :-)

Consider this as another National Day 2010 special program. :D

I would have to re-do the conversion & editing as I found that videos are corrupted after uploading. :(

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Part D:

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Mr Arthero Lim Tung Hee Interviewed Mr. Alan Shedrake on 2.Aug.2010

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A collection of political comments on online forums

Straits Times – the fellator, the irrumator and the rimmer
July 14th, 2010 | Author: Contributions

Lim Tung Hee:
July 15, 2010 at 1:52 am
By the same metaphor,the rest of us “non-suckers” are very much like molest or rape victims suffering without an avenue for redress or justice.

But not forgetting that in most instances,the PAP government could have “seduced” the new immigrants(through ST) before its “hard-on” while locals are dumped, jilted or forsaken in a “one-night stand”!

Worst of all, the locals end up having to pay for their own “abortions” time and again after each “rape”…


Procedural lapses in handcuffing of Wanbao photographer by Singapore police
July 18th, 2010 | Author: Your Correspondent

Lim Tung Hee:
July 19, 2010 at 1:11 am
May we salute to the Wanbao photographer Mr.Wu Qing Shun for his professionalism in trying to capture the controversial flood issue.More remarkable is his courage as he would surely be aware of the consequences of incurring the wrath of his “master”.

It is rare for a journalist to go to great lengths to highlight a matter of public concern;especially in Singapore.If only we had more of such uprighteous people in the media, the public can then rely on a balance and check ombudsman entity that imposes scrutiny on an otherwise irresponsible authority or even government.

The police had in this instance showed lack of professional conduct (in hancuffing Mr.Wu).As an enforcer of the law,he should act upon when necessary and should refrain from acting “outside the law” (for whatever reasons).

Any attempt to cover-up a “life-threatening” flood is tantamount to removing a warning sign in a disaster that may claim many innocent lives.


Singaporeans take PAP to task for latest “freak” flood
June 26th, 2010 | Author: Your Correspondent

Lim Tung Hee:
June 27, 2010 at 2:19 am
If we believe that high salary commensurate with high performance,it is time we should rethink.

After some 50 years of development on a tiny island, the incumbent PAP government surely cannot pin the blame for any infrastructure failures on any other entity other than itself.

The recent floods certainly exposed the relevant authorities’ incompetence and negligence in managing the drainage problem.
Why then can our leaders and top civil servants demand to be
paid the top-of-the-world high salaries?

Our citizens or taxpayers should be convinced at least that the
outstanding problems can be solved so as to avoid loss of properties,businesses or even lives during such flash floods.

I am appalled at the indifference or lack of immediate attention displayed by our Ministers or relevant authorities over these failures to contain the problems.

The Chinese government’s handling of such flood occurrences is more admirable and responsible.To cite a most recent case in Guangxi where the flashfloods had caused hardship and evacuation to the villages involved; some 17 provincial officials were duly punished for their negligence.

If Singapore were to embrace an attitude of indifference whereby the relevant authority is absolved of responsiblity, then someday our citizens may live to regret when they lose their properties and loved ones in another such disaster.

I strongly urge the government to take its role of “governing” seriously by instituting an independent Commission of Inquiry to investigate into the root problems of our drainage system immediately.


Attacked but they just stared
July 8th, 2010 | Author: Contributions

Lim Tung Hee:
July 9, 2010 at 2:16 am
This incident is shocking as it exposes the ugly reality that our PAP cultivated “civic-minded,caring” society is non-existent but merely a myth.Which brings to mind the question of how our fellow Singaporeans can expect some form of protection in public domain.

I remember some years ago,while on a bus on the way back to Toa Payoh,a young female commuter seated in front of me caught my attention when she expressed anger at an old Malay man next to her.
I asked her about her problem and she told me that man tried molesting her(on her thigh).I immediately shouted at that man in Malay (something like “Apa sa?”).He quickly sat up and pretending to alight.I asked the woman if she wanted to report him to the police but she declined.The man hurriedly got off at the next stop.

Upon hindsight, I wonder if I could similarly handle the situation to help that woman had the molester being a stronger bully.In that case,perhaps just one more man (or better still a few)to stand by me would surely help in a big way.

Bystanders who are acting indifferently must sometimes ponder this: What if the molest victim happens to be your wife,sister or daughter? Would you not hope that others would come to their help in your absence?

The SBS driver had apparently “abetted” the assault as he did nothing to stop it when informed by Benjamin or the victim’s sister.
Moreover every SBS double-decker has CC-camera and any commotion would be seen clearly.SBS as a public transport provider must also ensure safety and security to its passengers as a social responsibility;otherwise why the campaigns for terrorists look-out?

If most of the passengers were foreigners (as suggested) then this incident poses a more frightening facet of a disintegrated society.
It begs the question whether the PAP government had in fact “brought in” such uncaring foreigners who couldn’t care about anything except
PR or citizenship privileges? How then can this 36% of foreigners contribute to blend or enhance our social fabric?

How can Singaporeans feel a sense of belonging when one’s safety in public is threatened? MPs and Ministers can afford bodyguards to protect them but laypeople can only depend on the police.If indeed so, does it mean our police is understaffed to provide efficient nationwide security?(Or have they been over concentrated in ISD keeping tight survelliance on the Opposition?)


I am not going to be cowed: Alan Shadrake (Updated)
Posted by theonlinecitizen on July 24, 2010

Lim Tung Hee 25 July 2010 As we empathise with Mr.Alan Shadrake for his plight,I believe most Singaporeans are more shocked by the “criminal defamation”charge hurled at him.

What exactly constitues “criminal defamation”?

If by critising a government system,authority or establishment is construed as defaming in a criminal
sense,then would any written or expressed criticism be similarly deemed
as “criminal”as such?Would a person who argues or criticises a policeman be slapped with the same charge as he is making allegations against the Police authority?

If so,Singapore is indeed unique in imposing such a law which literally disallows criticism of establishment.
By this,would any critic or oppositionist of the government be charged as a “defamation criminal”in future?

As an oppositionist,I certainly hope this
issue could be clarified by the Singapore government in detail as the public;especially the opposition,needs to know the parameters (or OB markers)before we find ourselves in jail for our constructive criticisms or altruistic actions.

Just as in football,the international rules of the game are made known to every player or spectator.However,if the referee makes an unusual decision to award an undeserving “penalty kick” ,the spectators need to know why.


Dr Lim Hock Siew – A remarkable man
Posted by

Ng E-Jay on July 27, 2010

Lim Tung Hee 28 July 2010 I would like to dedicate my poem to this great altruist:

How traumas tortured
A soul undaunted
In captive for 20 winters.
How Justice deprived
A spirit unwavered
For Truth will unfold
In History of God.

Every pain inflicted
By vindictive cowards
Enforced your will
Every sorrow endured
Touched our hearts
For light may cast someday
Vindication of Truth shall stay.

You will always be remembered
Along heroes and sages
As cowards fall from grace…


Political pokerplay: the government’s gamble
Posted by theonlinecitizen on July 24, 2010

Lim Tung Hee 24 July 2010 Political Poker?

The irony is that the PAP government is playing with our citizens’ “stakes”(votes) against the electorate.

The only way to play smart is for the electorate to collectively chip in their individual “stakes”(votes) and call the PAP bluff(as in poker);otherwise before the second card is served,the electorate would have given up due to diffidence and lack of “stakes”.

Most importantly in poker is guts- courage in the face of threats from the intimidating opponent.


Singapore = Global Torture Hub
Posted by theonlinecitizen on June 25, 2010

Lim Tung Hee 26 June 2010 I find the punishment meted out to this foreign graffiti vandal as too harsh.

Much as he deserves to apologise and make good the damage caused as a result, it is more apt for our judiciary to impose a lighter sentence such as making him pay a hefty fine and serve community service for 3 years instead.

Our standard of laws must surely also conform with most international judical practices which do not condone caning for such vandalism acts.It is time for Singapore to keep up with a more humane,tolerant and civil society.(Remember that such graffiti artists were even once encouraged to “create art” at the Substation and Far East Plaza basement walls as murals.)

This incident clearly exposed more of a security lapse by SMRT rather than a “serious offence”that warranted such heavy punishment.In its entirety, no harm or danger was caused by the graffiti.

If the Singapore government has been most”forgiving” for some of mistakes made by its civil servants (dismissing them as “honest mistakes”);why can’t it be magnanimous enough to mete out a lighter punishment for such a prank?Especially coming from a foreigner who may not be aware of Singapore’s harsh laws in graffiti offences.

As an oppositionist politician, I hope the authorities can review the case so as to present a more civil and humane Singapore to the rest of the world…


An open wound
Posted by theonlinecitizen on June 28, 2010

Lim Tung Hee 28 June 2010 From the traumatic ordeal of the 24 ex-detainees who were imprisoned without an open trial under the “Marxist conspiracy” charge; one would ask:
If the PAP government is so convinced of the threat of its citizens embracing Marxism or Communism,why it is “importing” citizens (from PRC)by the hundreds of thousands? These immigrants from China have long been indoctrinated by Communism beliefs,wouldn’t they pose a similar if not more lethal threat if the assumption that Marxism is so detrimental to our society?

Under our Constitution,are our citizens not assured of their rights to freedom of beliefs;religious or philosophical?

Unless the ISD had solid proofs of the ex-detainees’ conspiracy and its influence leading to a possible sedition, the government should not over-react to the point of exercising detention without trial.

To those who had been wronged and suffered as a result of such paranoia,their sacrifices should awaken us as a sad episode in Singapore history.Taking from here,the government should now abolish the ISA Act and try future cases in open trials.

Only then can Singapore claim to be in league with international democracies.


TOC Special Feature: Safer transport – what are we waiting for?
Posted by theonlinecitizen on June 28, 2010

Lim Tung Hee 29 June 2010 Although many Singaporeans may not welcome these foreign workers here, this in-depth article has certainly highlighted the plight of this group of labourers.

Firstly,most if not all of these workers have paid a hefty sum (est.S$6,000 agent fee) to work here;which means the bulk of the first year income goes to servicing the debt back home. Accommodation and poor meals,coupled with uncertain job stability further add
to their list of woes.

The lack of safety in transportation (and
sometimes at worksites)would mean life risks; not to mention the inhuman treatment depriving them of dignity.

Considering the above,one would wonder why our self-proclaimed “First World” government has not yet legislate some
rules or measures to ensure industrial safety and decency for these workers.

Economic growth (or GDP) is not just about being “Cheaper,Faster and Better”,
it should be more about regarding the human factor (the worker) as a respectable economic contributor.

Highly paid employers who treat
them as digits or slaves while putting their lives at risk is most despicable.


Opposition party fined for selling party newspaper
Posted by theonlinecitizen on July 4, 2010

Lim Tung Hee 5 July 2010 What an embarrassing move by the NEA in issuing a summon to the National Solidarity Party for so-called “illegal hawking” of its political newsletter.

Any Singaporean would know that opposition parties are usually seen selling their newsletters during the weekends at various constituency wards.This is a practice or rather an avenue for politicians to meet up with their voters and share their concerns
as much as the incumbent PAP’s new candidates making their presence with their grassroot leaders.

If the NEA deems such political newsletters sales are “illegal” in any sense,then it must apply to the relevant authority to impose such a ban in law.

Meanwhile the PAP government must state its stance on this matter.

We oppositionists have already been deprived of a level playing field in local politics, any further unfair act to silence us would be most undemocratic.

I believe the PAP government surely would not wish to be seen condoning NEA’s partisan move.


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